Born From Above – God Among Us series #24

September 15, 2015

It is our spiritual nature that enables us to connect with God, to know His love and to be in relationship with Him. It is our spiritual nature that was damaged by sin, separating us from the life and love of God that we were created to walk in. And therefore, it is the spiritual nature that must be renewed and restored.


It is not passed on genetically. It can’t be learned or earned. There is nothing in your natural state of being that can qualify you for life in the kingdom of God. If you are going to have life in Him, you have to first be restored to God’s original design. You have to be remade in the image of God. You must be born again.


If you want to have life in the kingdom of God, Jesus says, then something new, something different has to happen to you. You need a new nature, a completely different heart, a brand new life…and there is nothing you can do to make it happen. It has to come from God.



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