Hungry for Life – God Among Us series #26

October 8, 2015

We have been told our whole life that we will be satisfied when we get certain things. Jesus keeps telling us that we’ve believed a lie.


“Don’t work yourself to death just for the purpose of feeding yourself with food that is here today and passes out of you tomorrow, leaving you hungry again,” He says. “There is a greater food, food that comes from God, and that food will give you life that lasts forever.”


Even if we don’t get any of those things that the world says are so vital to our happiness, Jesus promises us that in Him we find everything that we have been looking for in everything else. We don’t get it from Him. We find it in Him. It comes simply by being in relationship with Him, the perfect union with Him that we have through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Life is found there. Thirst is quenched. Hunger is satisfied. It’s not found in a thing, or in an experience. It’s found in a Person, Jesus Christ the Son of God.



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