Jesus: The True Temple – God Among Us series #23

September 10, 2015

Jesus didn’t come to take people to the temple. He came to them as the true Temple. He didn’t come to clear the physical temple in order to make it ready for worship services. He came so that He could purify our hearts, making us ready to be a place for His presence to dwell. God promised through Ezekiel that He would once again cause His glory to fill the temple. In Jesus, that prophecy has been fulfilled. “The Word became flesh, and made His tabernacle among us.”



The temple only has meaning because of the presence of the God for whom it exists. If Christ is not at the center of everything, then it is not Christianity. It might be religious. It might be loud and powerful. It might be exciting. It might even seem spiritual. But if Christ is not the message, if Christ is not the focus, if Christ is not the goal, then it is simply not the Christian faith. 



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