Seeds of Life – God Among Us series #30

February 8, 2016

Jesus says that if we are really serving Him, we will follow Him. In other words, we will go where He goes and do what He does. And what does Jesus do? He goes into the midst of a broken world and offers LIFE.


So how do we do that? We DIE. And not just once, but as the apostle Paul says, “I die DAILY.” In every decision. Every relationship. Every budget. Every schedule. We take all that would honor and glorify us in the eyes of the world, and we lay it at the feet of Jesus and say, “Here I am, Lord. Take my life and plant it in this world as You would choose, as a seed that exists only for your glory.”


And whoever does that…whoever serves Him by laying down his life for His purposes, offering his life as a seed through which the Lord can multiply His life in the lives of others, receives an honor that is infinitely greater than any honor this world can offer. Jesus says “the Father will honor him.”



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