Seeking the Living Word – God Among Us series #29

October 21, 2015

If Christ is not at the center of everything, then it is not Christianity. It might be religious. It might be loud and powerful. It might be exciting. It might seem spiritual. It might even be helpful. But if Christ is not the message, if Christ is not the focus, if Christ is not the goal, then it is not the church at all.


Because the church - the community of all who have repented of their sins, put their trust in Christ, surrendered their lives to Him and received His life from Him – the true church is absolutely filled with Christ. And the one reason simple reason why the church exists is to be a community who lives together in such a way that it gives a powerful witness to the reality of Jesus Christ. We preach Christ, because everything is wrapped up in who He is…not in our superior religious structure, not in our preferred style of worship, not in our doctrinal system, but in CHRIST.


It’s what we’ve been seeing throughout the gospel of John. Jesus didn’t call people to a religion or an idea or a doctrine or to an organization. He called them to Himself. 


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