The Resurrection and the Life – God Among Us series #28

October 13, 2015

We were created for life. We know it. We feel it. It is part of who we are. We all have a sense that we were created to connect to something much larger than ourselves. We hunger and thirst for something that lasts, something that is real, something that is perfectly satisfying. Deep down, we all know that a feast has been prepared, and that we were all created to enjoy it.


That hunger for life comes from God. That hunger was meant to be satisfied. And it can only be satisfied in Him, through the very real Presence of a very real God whose love is much deeper than any circumstance could ever touch.


Jesus offers a life that is completely satisfying in the midst of the pain, a joy and a peace that are perfectly alive, even when our problems are at their worst. He points us beyond the problems to Himself! The message is always the same: “Life and hope are found in ME.”



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