Revolutionary Love Uganda

A Life Worth Giving - Stewardship Series #2

October 13, 2017

We can waste our lives trying to find new ways to chase after the wind or we can spend our lives on something real.

Jesus invites us to a life that has real purpose and meaning, a life more fulfilling than anything that you or I could ever imagine for ourselves, a life that is filled with a joy that is much deeper than my troubles and a peace that rises above even the worst of my circumstances.

What Jesus came to do for you and I is not only to get us into heaven, but to completely and radically reorder our lives to live NOW for something that will last forever.

You are not the master of your own life. You are a steward, or a caretaker, of the life that HE has given you. You weren’t created so that you could live it up, but so that you could live for Him. It’s why He created you.

And it’s why He died for you.

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