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Disturbing the Peace: Christmas Series #2

December 9, 2016

The Bible tells us that the sweet little baby lying in a manger in Bethlehem 2000 years ago was actually God in human flesh, invading the world of His creation so that He might take His place as King. When God invites us to Bethlehem, He is saying, “Come with your worries, your cares, your uncertainties, your weaknesses, your sins, your dreams, your desires, your life, and lay it all at His feet.”

When everything is in His hands, there is peace…and when there is peace, you will have the freedom to live as God intended.

But this is where it can get difficult. When you realize that He is a King and not just a sweet little baby….when you realize that it is GOD in that manger.

Herod didn’t want the peace of Jesus….he wanted the peace of Herod. So Jesus was a threat to his rule, both in his kingdom and in his life. And we’re not so different from Herod…

It’s not always easy to welcome a new king. Because when a new king comes, that means the old king has got to go. In order to give you His peace, He has first got to disturb your peace, the false peace that comes from trying to maintain control of your own life.

How you respond to His coming depends on the state of your heart.

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