Revolutionary Love Uganda

Living for the Master - Stewardship Series #1

January 26, 2017

Our lives are not defined by how well we have achieved the goals that we set for ourselves in our few years here on earth. Our lives are defined by who we are in Him, the One who lives forever. He is our God. We are His people.

Through Christ, He has redeemed us from our slavery to sin and set us free. Our freedom in Him defines everything about who we are…our freedom in Him defines everything about the way that we live our lives…and our freedom in Him defines everything about the reason for which we live our lives.

You see, freedom doesn’t mean that we can just enjoy life and do whatever we want to do. Our freedom in Him means that we are finally free to live the life that we were created for, the life that HE intended us to live.

We are not the masters of our own lives. We are stewards, or caretakers of the life that comes from HIM.

So if that’s how it is, then what is your life about? Where should you focus your energy to live a life that really matters?

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