Revolutionary Love Uganda

Relentless Love - Christmas Series #3

January 13, 2017

Everything about the scene in Bethlehem seemed to make it the wrong setting for the Messiah to be born. And it tells me something about how deep the heart of God really is, a big, majestic God who humbles Himself in love and stoops low to enter fully into the worst of this world.

It makes me think that if God can enter the world like that, then maybe, just maybe, He would be willing to come and live in the midst of the messy circumstances of my existence, too.

He is more than willing. And that baby in the manger is a perfect picture of just how far this wonderful, all-powerful God will go in order to turn your life inside out with His love. It’s a relentless love, a heroic love, a “no matter what” kind of love. That’s the heart of Christmas.



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