Revolutionary Love Uganda

The Fruit of Abiding, Part 2 - God Among Us series #34

February 8, 2016

We were created to bear fruit, the fruit of a life that is filled with Christ. But we don’t have to try to produce the fruit. We simply need to continually surrender to Him, resting in His faithfulness and allowing His life to flow through us as we walk with Him. And He says that this WILL result in much fruit, the fruit that He desires…guaranteed.


He promises us that as we walk with Christ, as we surrender our wills to His will, as we live for His glory, that He will freely supply whatever we need in order to do it.


He is giving us absolute assurance that as His children, we do not have to work to try to make ourselves like Christ. Because Christ lives in us. We don’t have to accomplish God’s will. We surrender to Him and He accomplishes His will through us. The pressure is not on us to try to become something for Him. We can rest in what He has become on our behalf. We don’t have to try to become strong. We trust in Him and walk in HIS strength.

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