Seeds of Life – God Among Us series #30

February 8, 2016

Jesus says that if we are really serving Him, we will follow Him. In other words, we will go where He goes and do what He does. And what does Jesus do? He goes into the midst of a broken world and offers LIFE.


So how do we do that? We DIE. And not just once, but as the apostle Paul says, “I die DAILY.” In every decision. Every relationship. Every budget. Every schedule. We take all that would honor and glorify us in the eyes of the world, and we lay it at the feet of Jesus and say, “Here I am, Lord. Take my life and plant it in this world as You would choose, as a seed that exists only for your glory.”


And whoever does that…whoever serves Him by laying down his life for His purposes, offering his life as a seed through which the Lord can multiply His life in the lives of others, receives an honor that is infinitely greater than any honor this world can offer. Jesus says “the Father will honor him.”



Seeking the Living Word – God Among Us series #29

October 21, 2015

If Christ is not at the center of everything, then it is not Christianity. It might be religious. It might be loud and powerful. It might be exciting. It might seem spiritual. It might even be helpful. But if Christ is not the message, if Christ is not the focus, if Christ is not the goal, then it is not the church at all.


Because the church - the community of all who have repented of their sins, put their trust in Christ, surrendered their lives to Him and received His life from Him – the true church is absolutely filled with Christ. And the one reason simple reason why the church exists is to be a community who lives together in such a way that it gives a powerful witness to the reality of Jesus Christ. We preach Christ, because everything is wrapped up in who He is…not in our superior religious structure, not in our preferred style of worship, not in our doctrinal system, but in CHRIST.


It’s what we’ve been seeing throughout the gospel of John. Jesus didn’t call people to a religion or an idea or a doctrine or to an organization. He called them to Himself. 


The Resurrection and the Life – God Among Us series #28

October 13, 2015

We were created for life. We know it. We feel it. It is part of who we are. We all have a sense that we were created to connect to something much larger than ourselves. We hunger and thirst for something that lasts, something that is real, something that is perfectly satisfying. Deep down, we all know that a feast has been prepared, and that we were all created to enjoy it.


That hunger for life comes from God. That hunger was meant to be satisfied. And it can only be satisfied in Him, through the very real Presence of a very real God whose love is much deeper than any circumstance could ever touch.


Jesus offers a life that is completely satisfying in the midst of the pain, a joy and a peace that are perfectly alive, even when our problems are at their worst. He points us beyond the problems to Himself! The message is always the same: “Life and hope are found in ME.”



The Source of Life – God Among Us series #27

October 12, 2015

A river. Never empty, but always full of life, no matter what the circumstances. And not full of life for its own sake, but impacting life and giving life wherever it goes.


There is a life like that. Life that has a neverending supply. Life that can’t be taken away. Life that makes a difference in this world. People are thirsty for life, and they are constantly searching for a source that will give it. And we have heard Jesus telling us again and again that we are searching in the wrong places. But He doesn’t offer to show us where to find the source. He just keeps saying, “I AM the Source.”


Hungry for Life – God Among Us series #26

October 8, 2015

We have been told our whole life that we will be satisfied when we get certain things. Jesus keeps telling us that we’ve believed a lie.


“Don’t work yourself to death just for the purpose of feeding yourself with food that is here today and passes out of you tomorrow, leaving you hungry again,” He says. “There is a greater food, food that comes from God, and that food will give you life that lasts forever.”


Even if we don’t get any of those things that the world says are so vital to our happiness, Jesus promises us that in Him we find everything that we have been looking for in everything else. We don’t get it from Him. We find it in Him. It comes simply by being in relationship with Him, the perfect union with Him that we have through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Life is found there. Thirst is quenched. Hunger is satisfied. It’s not found in a thing, or in an experience. It’s found in a Person, Jesus Christ the Son of God.



Satisfied Thirst – God Among Us series #25

September 29, 2015

She was obviously thirsting for life. She was just looking for it in all the wrong places. But her life was changed in an instant when her soul took in a big drink of the love and grace of God. Here He was, the Messiah, the Holy One of God. He knew everything about her life. And He loved her anyways. Someone like Him offered eternal life to someone like her. 



And when her eyes were opened to see Jesus, when His love touched her heart, when the brokenness of her life encountered the reality of His life, it changed everything.  It wasn’t about who she was or what she had done. It was all about understanding the Source. 



Born From Above – God Among Us series #24

September 15, 2015

It is our spiritual nature that enables us to connect with God, to know His love and to be in relationship with Him. It is our spiritual nature that was damaged by sin, separating us from the life and love of God that we were created to walk in. And therefore, it is the spiritual nature that must be renewed and restored.


It is not passed on genetically. It can’t be learned or earned. There is nothing in your natural state of being that can qualify you for life in the kingdom of God. If you are going to have life in Him, you have to first be restored to God’s original design. You have to be remade in the image of God. You must be born again.


If you want to have life in the kingdom of God, Jesus says, then something new, something different has to happen to you. You need a new nature, a completely different heart, a brand new life…and there is nothing you can do to make it happen. It has to come from God.



Jesus: The True Temple – God Among Us series #23

September 10, 2015

Jesus didn’t come to take people to the temple. He came to them as the true Temple. He didn’t come to clear the physical temple in order to make it ready for worship services. He came so that He could purify our hearts, making us ready to be a place for His presence to dwell. God promised through Ezekiel that He would once again cause His glory to fill the temple. In Jesus, that prophecy has been fulfilled. “The Word became flesh, and made His tabernacle among us.”



The temple only has meaning because of the presence of the God for whom it exists. If Christ is not at the center of everything, then it is not Christianity. It might be religious. It might be loud and powerful. It might be exciting. It might even seem spiritual. But if Christ is not the message, if Christ is not the focus, if Christ is not the goal, then it is simply not the Christian faith. 



The Word Became Flesh – God Among Us series #22

September 8, 2015

In Jesus, we see a clear picture of that life, the life we were all created to have breathing in us. In Jesus, we see a man who was filled with the very real Presence of a God whose life and love run much deeper than any circumstance could ever touch.



A man who was absolutely free from the bondage of human cares and concerns, not because He was sheltered from the darkness of this world, but because He was filled with a light that shines in the midst of the worst darkness.



A man who loved in the face of the worst hate, a man who was filled with an unshakable hope even in the face of threats, betrayal and ultimately death itself…because His life was perfectly united with and filled with the life of Almighty God.



“The Word was with God, and the Word was God…and the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.”




Not just to show us the beauty and power of His life, but to offer it to us…forever.



Relentless Mercy - God Among Us series #21

September 8, 2015

The Bible is not a religious handbook full of rules and regulations. It’s not a treasure map that shows you how to find earthly blessings in your life.


It’s a passionate story of love and betrayal and redemption – a God of love who walks among His people and offers them a life beyond anything they could ever imagine…a people who continually reject Him and walk away from Him…and a relentless love that continues to pursue them and come to their rescue because He wants to pour the fullness of His life into them, and because He refuses to let them go.